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Barre + Wine: Napa Valley

Barre + Wine: Napa Valley

A true gem for the best girl's trip, our Barre + Wine trips are made to relax the body, mind and soul by indulging your senses with gourmet farm-to-table cuisine and 1-2x daily targeted workouts with mixed elements of pilates, dance, yoga and functional training.

Whether you are familiar with the Barre method or not, people of all ages are experiencing tremendous results from just a few classes. There is no better way to do it than a trip that fuses the power of an authentic wine experience in Napa Valley, the king of vineyards. During this trip, you will enjoy 1-2x daily barre classes with a trainer of your choice (or we can match your group with a certified instructor), 4.5-5 star accommodations in Napa, daily wine tasting experiences, wine + dinner pairings, private group functions (to get to know each other better)….and more.

Good to Know

Type of Trip
North America (California)
Length of Trip
5 nights/6 days
Visa Requirements
Languages spoken
Currency used

Past Traveler Thoughts

“The most perfect way to get together with good friends – with good wine & barre.” – Katie B.


“I loved the ease of booking. Our trainer was extremely knowledgable with the exercises so to stay clear of injury. Great wine was flowing! Can’t wait to do this again”  – Marianne S.


“I went with three friends and the other people were my instructor’s clients. I ended up meeting some new accountability buddies, for which I am forever grateful. I loved that this trip was not too long, so we made it part of the weekend. Thanks for an amazing getaway!”  – Lauren C.


“Very thorough explanations about the wine, turned me into a lover overnight. I loved the combination of relaxing, eating/drinking well, while keeping up with routines.” – Carly M.


“Loved this trip! Next time my friends and I want to bring our husbands so they can experience what the excitement is all about.” – Tammy T.