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Beach Bum Bootcamp: Thailand

Beach Bum Bootcamp: Thailand

From glittering temples and tropical beaches to the ever-comforting Thai smile, Thailand is the most welcoming, friendly, fun-loving and historic location adored around the world.

When Thailand is coupled with exploration of ancient temples, buddhist monks, floating markets, exotic beaches, and daily bootcamp sessions, you truly cannot go wrong. Imagine what it would feel like to get REALLY fit, to feel amazing and have a massive confidence boost. Due to busy schedules and everyday priorities its nearly impossible to devote enough time to achieve this goal. Our Bootcamp that has you exploring and recharging every fiber of your body will shape you up in no time. Included are 1-2x daily bootcamp sessions, 4.5-5 star accommodations, amazing tours & discoveries, VIP transportation throughout and more. Say yes, your future body will thank you.

Good to Know

Type of Trip
Length of Trip
9 nights/10 days
Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for US. Passport must be valid at least 6 months ahead.
Languages Spoken
Thai - Main; English - Main Foreign
Currency Used
Thai Baht

Past Traveler Thoughts

“I never took a trip like this before. It was so active! Almost everyday there was at least one bootcamp session, the rest was spent on exploring the culture of Thailand with active tours. I recommend to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.” – Miriam M.


“My friend dragged me on this trip and before we knew it, we made 18 other accountability buddies with people in the group. Now, we set up workout days to keep ourselves going. Until the next trip.” – Lorena T.


“My favorite part of the trip was feeling amazing! Who else feels amazing on vacation while eating everything they see? Only those that have a structured workout routine.” – Derek J.


“Going on this trip was one of the best experiences for me. It reminded me of not only my short term & long term goals in fitness, but also in everyday. I take this lessons on to bigger things.” Tameka W.