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Foodie + French: France

Foodie + French: France

Being the global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, France is a country with which almost every traveler has a relationship. Many dream of its picturesque villages, world-famous gastronomy, or to immerse in the beautiful language it gave the world.

In our Foodie + French trip, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself fully into learning the basics of French while you partake in various fulfilling gastronomic activities. A fulfilling – and filling – French food adventure could be spent within the city limits of Paris alone. The city is famous for its cafes, bakeries, pastry shops and open-air markets, not to mention its wide array of restaurants both casual and formal. Paris may be the best place in the world to try a classic french omelet, a cafe noir or au lait, and a chocolate croissant for dessert. Although rough and rustic, Northwestern France (specifically Brittany and Normandy) do not disappoint. Brittany is famous for its crepes, which are stuffed with foods both savory and sweet. Normandy is the home of Camembert cheese and Calvados apple brandy. The region’s long coastline provides a wealth of seafood, especially shellfish. Next, the green rolling hills of Burgundy and the Rhone in central France are best known for their wines, but Burgundy is also the region of France with the most Michelin-starred restaurants outside Paris proper. The French Alps in the eastern part of the country is a region speckled with high end ski resorts and spas. When it comes to food, the area is best known for its cheeses. Provence, in the southeast corner of France, is home to the high-end resorts of the French Riviera. The sun is hot and bright here, and the land seems saturated with color. The region has a distinctive rustic regional cuisine that shows marked affinity with Italy. This region is known for their olive oil, bouillabase, ratatouille, Nicoise salad, strong sauces, and wine. We can go on and on, but one thing is clear you will NOT go hungry in France, for it will excite and inspire you to understand the rich history and continue education in its beautiful language.

Je veux manger = I want to eat, are some of the popular phrases you will learn to become comfortable in your learning pursuit.

Included in this trip are 4.5-5 star accommodations in major metropolitan areas with the areas of France we are visiting, your chosen host/chef/foodie friend/French instructor, VIP transportation, foodie adventures, exploration and enjoyment of art, culture & food and more.

Good to Know

Type of Trip
Length of Trip
9 nights/8 days
Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for US.
Languages Spoken
French - main; English, Italian, Spanish - main foreign.
Currency Used

Past Traveler Thoughts

“For anyone looking to learn a different language, who loves food, this is really the best of the best option! You get immersed into the culture immediately. While eating the food, and then studying the language becomes second nature. Its so easy to learn this way!” – Abby T.


“I loved this tour so much I decided to further my language learning in the french institute. You really don’t have to be a student, or college aged to be part of this trip. You need the DESIRE to learn. Thanks for the experience.” – Linda S.


“My favorite part was the hidden french bistros in Paris. It shows that there is no correlation to spending a lot and good quality food. I’m so glad I learned the basics of french while on this gastronomic tour.” – Melania R.


“The best part was making my friends go with me. The experience is different for everyone. Some takeaways are: keep an open mind & always have fun.” Tim S.