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HIIT + Hiking: Iceland

HIIT + Hiking: Iceland

No better place to experience a real hike than Iceland. Plus, add on some High Intensity Interval Training, and you could be inspired for life to go after all your goals.

They say, to fill your life with adventures, not things. When you have stories to tell not stuff to show, you are genuinely experiencing life. What better way to experience it than with an adventure for all your senses? This unique Iceland fitcation, fused together the adventure of nature, the hike to the highest mountains, largest glaciers, best known volcanoes, endless black deserts and lush geothermal oases, with 1-2x daily HIIT for an epic adventure you will not ever forget. Along the way some activities include a visit to the famous must-see Blue Lagoon, scenic waterfalls, dramatic coastal cliffs, moss covered lava fields – basically the home to some truly breathtaking hiking trails.

Good to Know

Type of Trip
Iceland (Europe)
Visa Requirements
Not for US residents & citizens
Length of Trip
5 nights/6 days
Languages Spoken
Icelandic - main; English, Danish, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian - main foreign languages.
Currency Used
Icelandic Krona

Past Traveler Thoughts

“If you lead an active lifestyle, I really recommend this trip. You’ll have a chance to see the bucket-list sights and also maintain a structured routine. I sure will use this type of structure in my future goals.”  – Thomas O.


“We were all paired with accountability partners. If you ever thought, you’re all alone, you’re wrong. Everyone left a winner, with a new mindset.” – Gary M.


“My favorite was the hike Glymur which takes you to highest waterfall in Iceland. The hike to and around the area was so enchanting, like from a storybook. I came back mesmerized and hungry to get more on track with HIIT.”  – Karen C.


“I made some friends along the way. We setup weekly training sessions with our trainer to gain more momentum. We’re actually planning another Fitcation soon, but need help to decide on destination.”  – Walter & Megan B.


“So happy we had the chance to go with our trainer. I was glad to get to know her better and some of her amazing other clients. Its a dream come true to train with who I am comfortable with, in a destination far away that I am excited to explore.”
– Melanie C.