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Mindfulness + LOA: Maldives

Mindfulness + LOA: Maldives

The Maldives is welcoming as ever, with sands as white as the smiles of locals, where fish swim happily, where the weather is a dream, and where the sun and ocean is constantly pleasing and calming. Where else can you experience the power of Law of Attraction coupled with mindfulness at its best?

“Believe and conceive the idea you wish to achieve. The life you perceive is the life you’ll receive. Have faith in every date while you learn how to wait. Eventually you’ll  create a life that is great.”  – spoken by Vex King, an incredible LOA coach who has helped many people change their life. Too many people confuse LOA with the misconception of having difficulty in life, and that is not the case. LOA is for anyone wanting to change their limiting beliefs, to gain greater control of their surroundings, goals and future realities. We help shape these future realities by taking you to the unparalleled beauty of the Maldives. There is no place on earth as enchanting as this place, where over 1000 bright turquoise islands exist waiting to be discovered. If a dream like the Maldives can come true, why can you not receive what you conceive?

Trip contains an expert Law of Attraction coach with 1-2x daily sessions, combined with various mindful sessions, goal setting, private events, tours, 4.5-5 star accommodations and more.

Good to Know

Type of Trip
Length of Trip
5 nights/6 days
Visa Requirements
Valid passport + return ticket for US citizens
Languages Spoken
Dhiveli - main; English - main foreign
Currency Used
Maldivian Rufiyaa

Past Traveler Thoughts

“Not a day goes by that I don’t remember the calming waters of the Maldives. Whenever I have a bad day, I am reminded of the highly skilled approach of the LOA coach amidst the beautiful blue ocean. Its a life changing event. I recommend to anyone looking to go the extra mile.” – Becky Z.


“I never believed in any of this LOA stuff. A friend of mine wanted to go, so I trudged along. Within a few sessions, I began to see how my thought patterns affected my everyday life. Doing this in the Maldives is soooo life changing; It puts everything into perspective.” – Cameron H.


“What a dream come true! I always thought the Maldives was just for honeymooners, but after this experience I see its for anyone who has a desire to see the world. I am attracting so much more good now than ever before. So grateful to have gone.” – Marlena & Joe R.