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Become A Sales Guru: Austin, Texas

Become A Sales Guru: Austin, Texas

Silicon Valley has dominated the US startup scene for many decades. But this is becoming less true today, as more and more entrepreneurs find their way across the US. The Texas capital of Austin was recently named the #1 place in America to start a business by CNBC. According to Kauffman Growth Entrepreneurship Index, Austin grew its startups faster than every city, except for Washington D.C., which makes it the absolute ideal location to become the best salesperson, amongst youthful, smart energy that flourishes there.

There is a notable difference between being good and being great. Good reps hit their sales quotas, while great ones not only consistently hit, but go beyond the minimums. Good reps earn the trust of their prospects, while great ones earn their loyalty, admiration and in turn bring about referrals. While good reps can handle objections, great reps surface those concerns and make them disappear from sight.

If you want greatness, we have good news. Taking our Sales Guru Growcation will help you become one of the top-selling salespeople on your team – or even your company (even better if its your very own).

Good to Know

Type of Trip
Austin, Texas
Length of Trip
4 nights/5 days
Visa Requirements
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Past Traveler Thoughts

“This trip taught me the fundamentals of creating a sales process that is measurable and repeatable. Thanks to our daily sessions, I was able to create a process to move as most prospects to close.” – Tanek G.


“I needed to take this for the startup I am growing. Being an influence on my prospects as well as my team has strategically given me my wings.” – Camille T.


“The placement of this trip couldn’t have been better! It was so much fun to go out and sell to the energetic city of Texas. The workshops were exciting and the exercises to follow made the experience hands-on, what you simply don’t get in a regular classroom setting.” Nelly A.


“Our instructor made the enjoyment of the class so much better. The strategy is made to excite your senses. The first sentence was about a kids lemonade stand – how would you sell when you are a kid? He reminded us how we limit ourselves in our own thinking. Its much more simple than how we perceive it. Recommend this to all!” – Timothy H.